Tangerine, Tangerine

Tangerine, Tangerine

When I hear the word tangerine I either think of Christmas and those wooden boxes of the fruit, or this song by the legendary band Led Zeppelin.


Such a great tune.

Lately there’s been a new tangerine on the block.  Tangerine bank, formerly ING Direct Canada, is expanding rapidly.  Recently they have become the official and exclusive bank of the Toronto Raptors basketball team.

This bodes well for its customers, who currently enjoy no-fee chequing and savings accounts.  And even though they recently downgraded some of the perks of their credit card, I still think it’s a good deal compared to other banks.

But where Tangerine really shines is their referral program.  See, they give you a special code when you open an account called an Orange Key.  When you refer new customers they input your code so you get credit.  For every new customer you refer they’ll not only pay you $50, but they’ll give another $50 to your referral.

There are a couple of stipulations; it has to be the person’s first account at the bank and they must deposit at least $100.  But these are minor.  (Also, this is only open to residents of Canada.  Sorry, people from other countries.)

They’re essentially giving away free money.  Don’t pass this up.

So where do we stand?  I’m hoping you’ll want to take advantage of this deal, or be interested enough to check out the details.  If so, then I ask that you copy (just the number part) my Orange Key 39347107S1 into your clipboard, then just click below on William Lyon Mackenzie King and that’ll take you to the bank’s website.  If you do decide to open an account (that’s awesome) please remember to paste my Orange Key into the appropriate form.

Thank You!

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